There have been hundreds of homes which Shagbark has been proud to create very unique stained and fused glass for over twenty years. Whether it be architectural enhancement or a very personal artistic statement, Bill at Shagbark Art Glass looks and listens to his clients about their art glass wishes. They also depend on his artistic skills to produce a design which they will enjoy for many years to come.

O'Brien Doors
Office doors

Karahalios Dining Room
Classical dining room

Cabinet Corrado
Elmhurst Kitchen Cabinets

Fine Cabinetry Glass
St. Charles Brass came cabinetry

Noce Bedroom
Bedroom window with large beveled sections

Pauga Boxes
Suspended Ceiling Glass Boxes

entryway nature scene with geese

Geometric Entryway
clear glass geometric entryway

Palm Trees Door
Entryway with palm trees

Kawalek Bay Windows
Dining room bay windows

Kawalek Living Room
living room window prairie-ish

Contemporary Prairie Entryway
Colorful geometric entryway with circles

Prairie style transom

Kostidas Bath
nude figure hottub window

Caroline Page
Art Nouveau lady in bathroom

Double Bath Windows
Bathroom opaque art glass windows

Van Fleet Toilet Window
mediterranean bath window

Pauga Dome
living room floral dome

Apple Blossoms
fused and leaded glass apple blossoms

Pentagon Shaped Deer Scene
pentagon shaped deer scene

Dodich Windows
triangular windows in a log home with 3d nature scene

Pauga Bar Transom
Transom panel for a residential bar

Contemporary transom window

Lincolnshire, IL

Entryway glass depicting Pikes Peak, Colorado, and grapes.

Using opalescent glass, copper-foil and
solder (stained glass).

Designed and fabricated by Bill Griffith and Dottie Korff.


Tiffin, IA
Bill Griffith poses in front of an entryway leaded glass he created for a chalet style home
(ten years ago).

Dining room buffet door with transom windows in background

Gurnee, IL

Coffee cabinet beveled/leaded glass

Gurnee, IL


Kitchen Bar leaded glass

Gurnee, IL

Stained glass around hot tub

Springfield, IL
with etching of Venus Di Milo, .

Victorian panels

Lake Forest, IL
Two Victorian leaded glass panels placed in front of double hung windows. The colors were selected by the Lake Forest, IL, customer.


Family room

North Liberty, IA

Detail of family room

North Liberty, IA

Library bench window and entryway below

Burr Ridge, IL

Clear and beveled glass contemporary entryway

Cedar Rapids, IA.
This entryway has a lot of foliage outside which makes the glass look green.

Beveled glass mirror with gold leaf

3 ft. x 7 ft.
Cedar Rapids, IA


Textured Glass Window

victorian bevel
20 in. x 32 in.
Lake Forest, IL
Classical clear glass texture and beveled glass
with brass came are used in a bathroom window.

Transom leaded glass window

Lake Forest, IL

Tryptich Residential Entryway

20 in. x 68 in. each panel
Selective cutting of multiple opalescent glasses in this nature design is reminiscent of Louis Tiffany and John La Farge's innovation of the copper-foil technique.

Design & glass selection: Bill Griffith
Fabrication: Dottie Korff
Photo: Bill Griffith

Diamond arc window

diamond arc window
24 in. x 42 in.
Wilmette, IL
Beveled glass pieces including the perimeter. This is a transom window for a home.

Leaded Glass Wreath

42 in. x 45 in.
North Barrington, IL
Take a close look at the intricate work and techniques used in this colorless wreath Bill created for a home in North Barrington, IL. There are 3-dimensional flowers formed in the kiln, small hand-beveled pieces, jewels, and one-inch-thick chunks among the many textured glasses.

Geometric/organic automaus window panel

32 in. x 20 in.
Leaded glass windows such as this may be hung in almost any window because hooks are soldered on the corners. Bill takes pleasure in designing geometric structures that are "broken up" by organic elements, such as this one.

3-Dimensional American Flag


14 ft x 3.5 ft
This client requested Bill design an American flag in an Iowa cornfield. The result is composed of rolled pieces of large fused glass formed in the kiln.

Design and fabrication: Bill Griffith
Photo by Mark Tade

Prairie style beveled glass and
clear textured glass door

prairie beveled door
20 in. x 68 in.
Cedar Rapids, IA
Colorless glass allows the outside colors in while distorting the view to allow privacy in this Cedar Rapids, IA home.

Door Panel

door panel
12in. x 36 in. each panel
Cedar Rapids, IA
This is one of Bill's fused and leaded glass door panels he created for a contractor in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Wright reminiscent

Fort Sheridan, IL
Bill takes pride in his original designs, though this client in Fort Sheridan, IL, wanted the window to remind them of the Frank Lloyd Wright's work. Bill made some modifications to one of Wright's designs.

Beveled glass window

clear leaded
Cedar Rapids, IA
Clear leaded-beveled glass, which casts green light because of the foliage outside. This residence in Cedar Rapids, IA, is home to some 60 leaded glass panels made at the Shagbark studio.