Other Projects

here's what shagbark brings to the table


a 20" x 36" fused glass table top

Cleveland Archde Etching
Sandblasted etching in three panels depicting the historical arcade building in downtown Cleveland - Now A Hyatt Hotel

glass box
glass box with kiln-formed glass, jewels, chunks and sandblasting

Hadley Bar Lamp
Pool table lampshade

surreal tree
Surreal tree in living room from Shagbark's early days

Rooster from Shagbark's early days

Ferry Boat
Delta Queen from Shagbark's early days

Fused Alex Panel
Fused glass panel for future Eagle Scout


Rose Wreath
detail from an entryway door panel

Contemp Standing Piece
fused and kiln-formed glass piece

Detail of fused glass asian woman

Nude Ballet Sculpture
ballet woman cast glass

Ballet Sculpture
2nd ballet woman relief sculpture

Portrait of Grandma
Grandma-- painting on glass

Wisteria Lampshade
Wisteria Tiffany reproduction lampshade

Red Haired Girl
red-haired girl painting on glass


Kennedy Public Library

Dyersville, IA


Victorian crown

Bannockburn, IL
A curved panel made for an antique music box.

Fused glass pheasant

14 in. x 58 in.
Delhi, IA.
No lead, all fused glass.

By Bill Griffith

Nude figure painted on glass

Nude in bath tub painted & gold leaf glass.


Cabinet doors 19" x 39" each.
Eddyville, IA
The barbed wire fence marks the end of the cowboy era.
These are two cabinet door stained glass panels depicting the cowboys lassoing.

Created by Bill Griffith


8 in. x 24 in.
3-dimensional wrapped rose,

Goddess of Justice

6 ft. x 5 ft.
South Elgin, IL
In an attorney's office.

River City Dental Care

Iowa City, IA

River City Dental Care (Detail)

Iowa City, IA


28 in. x 52 in.

Fused Glass Nude

20 in. x 30 in.

Earth Movement

36 in. x 18 in.
Fused and leaded arched window,